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Slobodan Milosevic

President of Yugoslavia 1997-2000

Born August 29, 1941 in Pozarevac, Serbia.
Appointed leader of the Belgrade Communist Party in 1984.
Appointed leader of the Serbian Communist Party in 1987.
Elected as president of Serbian republic in 1989
Holds a degree in law from the University of Belgrade.

Recent History:

lobodan Milosevic was thrust into national prominence in the wake of an incident in Kosovo on April 24, 1987. Baton wielding police belonging to the Albanian Moslem majority here were attacking the Serbs who were trying to make their way into the town hall in Kosovo Polje. Called in to help calm the riotous crowd he assured the crowd "no one will ever beat you again." The Serbs were then invited into the hall to voice their grievances to the Communist party delegates gathered there, but it was this specific incident which moved Milosevic's to effect his people's long standing ambitions for a Greater Serbia.

This ambition had been originally checked by the nation-building Marshal Josip Broz Tito who had linked the numerous cultural, ethnic and religious factions in these Balkan lands in a manner which was to transcend narrow nationalist interests. It had been Tito's ambition to create a global and collective communist identity in Yugoslavia. To succeed in this he had divided Serbia into two noncontiguous provinces. Kosovo was one of these provinces. With Kosovo becoming increasingly populated by Moslem Albanians the indigent Serbian population lost its majority and subsequently found itself persecuted by the Albanians. With the demise of Tito the thread which had held the cultural, religious and ethnic entities together came apart. At this time the central (and long standing) ambition of the Serbs became effected... to once again reunite the provinces of Serbia. This meant removing the Albanians from Kosovo and having the Serb population become the majority once again.

The rest, of course, is history. The Serbs had to accommodate the redrawing of territorial boundaries when Croatia and Slovania asserted their independence. In 1992 Bosnia-Herzegovina became an independent republic. At this juncture in the cascading evolvement of these Balkan lands Slobodan Milosevic left an indelible imprint on its history.

In Western eyes the severity of the Serbian military operations on all fronts became unbearable. Mass graves were uncovered. There were reports of wide scale rape and looting. The numbers of Croats and Albanian Moslems who streamed across the borders as refugees became a major problem for the host countries. The Americans and NATO then intervened militarily and the Serbian ambitions were thwarted.

The Serbs found the intervention of the western powers incomprehensible. What they were inflicting upon the Croats was still part of their old accounting with the latter who had supported the Nazis and participated in their atrocities. How were they punishing the Albanians (who were forcibly overtaking Kosovo) that differed from the way the Albanians had for long been persecuting the Serbs? The Serbs who were in the forefront of the resistance to the Nazis now found German planes flying once again over their heads. To the south they could only watch as the Americans and NATO gave the Albanian Moslems effective control over Kosovo. It was as though the Americans were repeating their most disastrous lapses of judgement as when they removed the western oriented Shah of Iran replacing his regime with the extreme religious and radical fundamentalism of Houmeni. Now with the Kosovo Albanians slaughtering the Serbs and removing them from the territories no one hears anything from the West about the need to return the Serbian refugees to their homes. It was only when these same Kosovo Albanians attacked neighboring Macedonia and killed English and French security forces - the same who had given them the country, that the Western countries turned to Belgrade and asked the Serbs to return their armies once again to the borders of Kosovo. Having set up this Moslem terrorist regime in the heart of Europe the western powers have no reply to their criminal designs. Slobodan Milosevic has been accused of war crimes and would be tried in an international court of law. The irony, however, is that these same western nations now give voice to perspectives and judgements not far removed from everything Milosevic had originally maintained and acted upon.

An Analysis of Slobodan Milosevic's Hand:

The most prominent overall feature of the hand is its thickness. The palm is particularly thick and heavy as are the fingers. Except where the constitution of the palm is patently soft and the fingers dysplastic (not evident here) thickness is always indicative of strength. The individual would identify with expressions of strength, power, and influence, and, in the course of his, or her, life seek to advance to such stations as would manifest these expressions to the degree that they are invested in personality.

To best appreciate the singular nuances of Milosevic's hand we may compare it with what we found earlier in Hillary Clinton's hand (figure #1). Overall there is much the same quality of thickness. We may note the round convex periphery of the percussion side of the palm (the hypothenar eminence) which is always indicative of pronounced drives and a powerful sense of one's true mind and inherent individuality. In Hillary Clinton's hand, however, the heaviness of this half of the palm is concentrated more at the center and top areas whereas in Milosevic's hand the weight is most pronounced at the base. Where the weight is as appears as in the instance of Hillary Clinton the manifestations would tend to be toward expressions of strength and resilience of a more cerebral and aggressive bent. In Milosevic's hand the drives are far more earthy, instinctual and primal with the same qualities determining in large measure his orientation to his external world environment.

The same temper in their personalities is echoed in the dimension of finger length. Short fingers such as we find in Milosevic's hand point to a thoroughly intuitive and highly inventive mind. This person would be powerfully responsive to "gut" feelings and a "gut"sense of things, as it were. Depending on a host of other factors this attribute can lend itself to genius and just as often to the most base prejudices. The mind is organized to respond quickly to impressions so that the person would be inclined to reach decisions which do not always extend from careful reasoning. By way of contrast, longer fingers, such as we find in Hillary Clinton's hand, generally underline careful reasoning more balanced judgements and more focused mental impressions.

An intuitive comprehension and quick responsiveness to stimuli as opposed to a more cerebrally disciplined, balanced, and considered responsiveness, is also evident in the morphological construction of the thumb. Note the sharp angular construction of the thumb in Hillary Clinton's hand (where it is encircled), and compare this to the very round and entirely non-angular construction in the same area in Milosevic's hand. The angular construction suggests a number of things including technical capabilities and the motor coordination we generally find with athletes, but it speaks also of a cerebral and sometimes calculating mind with the emphasis, once again, on mental focus and mental assessments of whatever concerns the individual. The round construction of the thumb as manifest in Milosevic's hand generally identifies the individual whose thinking is invariably a perfect extension of his feeling. What this man feels will always define what and how he thinks about anything. The cerebral discipline of the angular thumb will not always have the individual surrender to his, or her,emotional temper.

This brings us to the feature in Milosevic's hand which sets him very much apart from Hillary Clinton and most of his contemporaries. The reader may note the marked thickness of the first, or index, finger. This thickness carries through the entire length of the finger. When measured against the development of the middle and ring fingers the index finger seems particularly massive. This expression of strength becomes translated as a powerful drive to domineer. There is no room here for any role other than one which has everyone accept his absolute authority. His actions would be deliberate and he would be answerable to no one. This would not be the case with Hillary Clinton whose first finger, while certainly not deficient in any respect, is not the equal in girth to the middle finger (the reader may compare the middle phalanges of these fingers to visualize this better).

There remain a few more features worth considering. The first is the construction of the little finger which is virtually identical in the hands of Milosevic and Senator Clinton. Thus we would have to account for questions relating to his honesty with regard the acquisition and management of monies. We should find him a very wealthy man. The second feature would seem paradoxical in the light of what had been said thus far. It has to do with the low placement of the upper transverse line (a.k.a. the Line of Heart). This generally bespeaks considerable emotional depth and an emotional responsiveness supported by heightened intuitive faculties. There would be nothing shallow about this man, and he would find as much meaning in a person's silence as he would in that person's words. A final feature would be the very small size of the palm. The reader may note that the hand, though set closer to the camera than the face, appears considerably smaller. Small hands generally depict an individual who would be more comfortable with anything widescale than with the management of details. Putting together the general designs of a 5 year plan would be the natural mileu of this person. The details of the execution of this program would, preferably, be left to others.

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