Shimon Peres

Israeli Statesman
Born on August 21, 1923, Poland.
Held the portfolios of Defense Minister, Foreign Minister and Prime Minister.
Identified with the peace programs with the Palestinians.
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994

Shimon Peres The very thick base phalange and the decidedly thinner middle phalange of the little finger identifies what we speak of as "Promises Unfulfilled". This is a particularly stressful psychical experience where the newborn infant records an ideal mother-attachment in the first months of its life only to suffer the most painful rejection by the mother in later months. This rejection may take the form of physical or emotional abandonment, beatings and/or harsh criticism.

The sharp kink in this picture identifies a painful history of emotional molestation (see article #7 "The Inverse Guilt Syndrome" on the PDC Profiles page). This would seem to powerfully underline the earlier stress experiences.

An interesting facet of "Promises Unfulfilled" is the subconscious drive to become reattached to the experiences associated with the original mother-experience. When this person in later years has a relationship with someone who relates to this person in a manner which may recall the difficult "rejecting" mother, the subconscious mind sees in this person the "ticket", as it were, to getting at the original accepting mother. It is as though within the rejecting mother exists the accepting mother. This subconscious expectation is rarely if ever realized.

Shimon Peres is married to Sonia who has never identified with his political ambitions... who has never appeared at his side in public and State events... and who has never participated in his election campaigns. The expressed reasons hardly matter. It would appear that this capacity for "rejection" was a dimension in her personality which, for Shimon Peres, was an entirely known quantity.

The bent thumb is always evidence of a sense of impotence and insecurity. It is a reflexive response to an immediate situation. This photograph of Shimon Peres was taken the day before he lost the elections for the office of Prime minister by the narrowest of margins (to Benjamin Netanyahu).

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