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Sean Combs is
Puff Daddy

A prominent figure in New York's City's black ghetto rebel culture of Hip-Hop. As a rap singer whose albums made him a multimillionaire, and as the agent of other performers in this music culture, he received notoriety by his proximity to acts of violence which included celebrated murders.

Born in Harlem, New York on November 4, 1969.

A Short History of Hip-Hop:

the early 70s New York's inner city neighborhoods of Brooklyn and the Bronx spawned a mode of expression that included singular fashions in dance, dress and discourse. This came to be known as Hip-Hop which itself generated what came to be called Rap. Rap was essentially an esoteric language which evolved in the Black communities of these neighborhoods. As a fashion of music it was an extended flow of words which focused on street life and delivered in repetitive drum rhythms. The singer, or singers, were invariably accompanied by acrobatic male break-dancers and/or frenetic female jazz dancers.

As this subculture took root and spread from the east coast of the US to the west coast its language continued to evolve and its focus became increasingly activist and political. Hip-Hop references were now highly coded and meant to aggressively separate the well-to-do from the have-nots, and those representing authority from those who saw themselves as persecuted by that authority. The groups and their lead singers had names like Public Enemy, Salt'n Pepa, and Queen Latifa and the more controversial themes included misogyny and the glorification of violence. If at first the rebellious currents in Hip-Hop culture retained some measure of proportion and refrained from excessive grossness, not a modicum of civility remains. If vulgarity in the translation of thoughts into words had originally been a vehicle of Hip-Hop's aggressive rebelliousness it has since become so commonplace and mind numbing as to have lost whatever shock value it might otherwise have had. What follows are a few lines from the chorus of I Got The Power sung by Puff Daddy & The Lox. To appreciate how far removed the present temper of this subculture is from what used to be mainstream consider that, fundamentally, the message of these lines closely echoes Frank Sinatra's My Way (written and composed by Paul Anka). Sincere apologies to those who will find these lines as offensive as they are ugly.

He be, that nigga that yo' niggaz can't fuck wit
That nigga that yo' bitches wanna creep wit
That nigga that you can't get along wit
That nigga that'll die for his main man
That nigga with the gettin money gameplan.

Cedric Muhammed of Blackelectorate.com wrote of Hip-Hop as it has evolved over a period of 30 years. This comes in the wake of an extended period of violence (much of which was linked one way or another with Puff Daddy) related to the competition for position and influence in a multi-billion dollar industry. He wrote:

The crisis in Hip-Hop today is one of an art form and community that is nearly 30 years old but which, over time, seems to learn less and less from its past and increasingly is unable to discern its friends from its enemies. We can only think of it as maturity reversal, where with each passing year we collectively approach the thinking of an adolescent.

The East Coast/West Coast dispute was said originally to have been inflated for publicity purposes. Violence of the severest order soon resulted from this dispute. In the wake of what had transpired some groups still tried to identify with positive social messages and demonstrate loyalty to old school music, but the mainstream seems to have gravitated to huge and glitzy show business productions. Some groups had deteriorated into caricatures of themselves and many of the rap artists have crossed totally into the camp that Hip-Hop had originally rebelled against. They presently make no secret of their new identification with flashy cars, designer clothes, diamond jewellery and other trappings of wealth. Cedric Muhammed went on to write:

Let's hope that Hip-Hop, unlike many Black and Latino males, lives to see its 30th birthday. Because of the way we are acting right now, tomorrow is certainly not guaranteed.

An Analysis of Puff Daddy's Hand:

The features of Puff Daddy's hand which serve as the major sources of information include:

The distinct shortness of the lower transverse line (the Line of Head):
The function of this line, essentially, is to deliver the experiences recorded in the person's outer, physical and material reality to the very vital and largely subconscious inner world dimension. The chemistries here would interpret the information it had received in a manner that would have this person grasp the emotional significance that these external world experiences would normally have for him (or her). With this line being as short as we find it here we would understand that the emotions would be severely blunted. Very little of Puff Daddy's external world happenings would filter through to these inner world chemistries. He would not be at all alert to the emotional significance which these happenings might otherwise have had for him. Inasmuch as he may speak of feelings and manifest what appears as powerful emotions we would see these expressions as the product of cerebral designs and conscious, deliberate, intention.

Curvature of the little finger:
The C shape of the little finger identifies an early history of fragmentation in personality. In certain instances (the majority, in fact) this circumstance contributes to currents in personality where an identification with shame and guilt promotes a tendency to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others. With the specific configuration of features in this instance however, the weight carries far more to the opposite extreme where, instead of shame and guilt, we find a powerful identification with anger and rage. This person would seek to compensate for the fragmentation by focusing on his own interests and desires while demonstrating a total disregard for the needs, interests, and sensitivities of others. In this camp we may find rapists, thieves, and all those who would have no second thoughts about violating the sensibilities or wellbeing of others. There is a very definite capacity for cruelty here.

Excessive length of the tip (nail) phalanges of the fingers:
This feature, when linked to a hand that has a certain tenseness and rigidity, points to the habit of exhibiting an assertiveness and aggressiveness that would be uncompromising. This would be this person's way of demonstrating to others that he (or she) will not permit his (or her) interests to be violated.

Relative thinness of the middle finger:
The individuality would lack depth. The references (as values and attitudes) which this person would have to himself would largely originate with the temper of his immediate environment. There would be only minimal significance to references this person would have to himself which originate with a true and singular individuality and an authentic sense of self. There would be no distinct sense of self other than what cerebrally manufactured formulas may construct.

Deficiency in the development of the hypothenar eminence:
The percussion half of the palm, in particular the lower half across from the thumb, appears decidedly flat and spare. This area of the palm always gives the definition to a person's subconscious energy resources. The heavier and more developed this quarter of the palm the richer the libidinal resources available to the individual and the richer this person's inner world experiences. These libidinal resources give rise to the very human need for attachments and belonging, and they contribute a capacity for empathy and emotional responsiveness. They also contribute a capacity for abstract conceptualizations and creative thought. These quantities would be virtually absent in the instance of Puff Daddy.

Dermatoglyphic constructions:
This linkup between the lower transverse line (the Line of Head, to many) and the Thenar line (the Line of Life) is frequently seen in people with excellent business acumen. These people would be alert to the fine print in any contract and would never be careless when they commit their signatures to a document. The upward curve of the lower transverse line where it attaches itself to the Thenar line suggests a measure of selfishness and self-interest.

Morphology of the thumb:
This would be Puff Daddy's strongest attribute. The thumb is constructed in a manner which suggests an alert intelligence and a powerful, fluid, willfulness. The length and thickness of the thumb's base phalange underlines a certain quality of perseverance (stubbornness, to some), while the top nail phalange shows an alertness of attentions and a quick readiness to translate will into effect. A thumb thus constructed invariably finds the individual taking initiatives and striving for achievements. The angular insertion of the thumb in the palm underlines a sense of timing and other attributes that contribute to a proficiency in dance and sport. (In this regard the reader may note article #38, Sports Sorts, on the Download page.)

Relative thickness of the ring finger:
In many instances a distinctly thick ring finger (relative to the index and middle fingers) identifies a measure of cross-sex identification. When particularly pronounced in the hands of men this may manifest as homosexuality. In the specific instance of Puff Daddy the thickness is there but only mildly so. If the mounts directly below the fingers are also flat (the quality of the photograph made available to us does not permit an accurate assessment of this feature) the homosexuality would be patently manifest.

Deficiency in the length of the index finger:
Where the length of the index finger is appreciably lower than the ring and middle fingers we would think in terms of a deficiency in the individual's father experience. We would speak of a Deficit Father Syndrome. The father would not have been much available to the child particularly between the ages of one to three or four. In the instance of Puff Daddy (whose father had been shot and killed when he was two years of age) the deficiency in the length of the index finger carries beyond the father-experience to the global social environment. He would have suffered severe peer-group rejection which would have contributed significantly to the anger and rage noted in #1.

Sean Combs, or Puff Daddy, has a complex personality structure. He is an exceedingly dangerous individual and capable of inflicting very serious cruelties upon those whom he dislikes. Yet the fragmentation factor invests in him, at least theoretically, a capacity for giving, and even a need to sacrifice something of himself. The thin middle finger underlines the essential weakness in his personality. He has no sense of an inner, inherent, individuated identity however much his aggressive and assertive behavioral style might suggest otherwise. He does not really equate or identify wealth with the management of his security needs. Its central role in his life would be with all that it contributes to his image amongst his peers (whom he probably detests). Achieving the recognition, acceptance and admiration of his peers by obliging them to accommodate him on his terms would probably be the central ambition of his life.

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