© Arnold Holtzman, Ph.D. (November 2006)
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Born on October 28, 1956 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the sixth president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He is a member of the Islamic Society of Engineers and has a strong base in the Alliance of builders of Islamic Iran (Abadgaran). He served as mayor of Teheran from May 23, 2003 but resigned this post after his election to the presidency. His term as president began on August 3, 2005.

In the minds of many in the Western world Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran - is by far the single most dangerous individual to the continuity of the world as we know it today. The reasons for this are twofold. The first is his rush to acquire nuclear energy along with all the technology that permits nuclear weapons capabilities. The second, and no less ominous, is his repeated pronouncements to the effect that he will bring about the total destruction and complete removal of the State of Israel. Taken together we have the prospect of atomic bombs annihilating entire populations in this part of the world with the contamination of the earth and atmosphere spreading to other parts of the world.

Some would argue that he would not dare effect his threats as Iran would suffer the most terrible repercussions in the wake of Israel's devastating reprisals. It is estimated that over 20 million Iranians would perish - this quite apart from the loss of this country's national treasures and untold damage to its natural resources - oil in the main. At the same time if any country would preempt, or attempt to preempt, an attack on Iran's nuclear installations Ahmadinejad would wreck havoc on the oil installations in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. He could block the Straits of Hormuz and effectively remove all Middle East oil from reaching the world's markets. It is estimated that at such a time the cost of a single barrel of oil may skyrocket to $200.00 and more. Add to this, of course, his threat to bombard Israel with Iran's arsenal of Shihab-3 long range rockets which can carry conventional and non-conventional bombs.

But these are all extensions of rational calculations and assessments in line with obvious checks and balances. In a world of market economies where economics and general considerations of profit and loss determine almost everything, and where the disparate economies in this world has led to the virtual interdependence of peoples and nations, it is now in the nature of our global environment that any serious disturbance to this arrangement would be unthinkable. One would even expect that built into this world system is a mechanism that detects dangers of this order and removes them. What has become apparent however is that the polarities that have always described the political tempers of different groups of nations - and even the polarities within individual governments (eg. the left wing Democrats opposing the Republicans in the US, and the same with the Liberals and Torys in the UK) - now threaten to remove not the very real dangers but the mechanism itself.

What the leaders of the more responsible nations of this world have always dreaded was that an individual would appear somewhere who would have access to nuclear devices and other weapons of mass destruction and be inclined to use them aggressively. This dread became all the more palpable when, in recent years, gray countries with very uncertain regimes such as Pakistan and North Korea succeeded in acquiring the technology to manufacture atomic weapons. And manufacture them they did.

In line with her own commercial and political interests Russia agreed to build large nuclear power installations in the radical and fundamentalist Muslim regime presently in control in Iran. From Pakistan came the blueprints to build atomic weapons. And from North Korea came more technical components along with the rocket technology to deliver atomic weapons over vast distances. The man destined to have access to the buttons that can send atomic bombs to wherever he chooses is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And Mahmoud Ahmadinejad we now know is a totally amoral paranoid psychotic, gifted though he may be with a superior intelligence, but who is so mentally scarred and emotionally crippled as to make pressing those buttons the central ambition of his life. It is not something he would decide to do but something he would feel utterly compelled to do.

Some would point out that the office of the Iranian President is not responsible for nuclear policy... that this policy is in fact set by the Supreme National Security Council. This council includes representatives appointed by the Supreme Leader (presently, Ali Khamenei), military officials, and members of the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the government. Considering however that in this country where dissent is not tolerated (one has only to look at the number of newspapers and other organs of information which the regime had summarily closed down - with the dissenters jailed) to appreciate that this Supreme National Security Council is, in effect, the obliging servant of one man.

A PDC examination of the hands of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reveal the following attributes:

Photographs 1 and 2:
The most striking feature of the hands shown here is the very flat Thenar Eminence (The Mount of Venus). It is painfully deficient in its development and bespeaks an absolute vacancy of libidinal energies. We speak of The Primary Rejection Factor and appreciate that Ahmadinejad never knew a mother's touch or the experience of being contained, as it were, by the mother. The reader must appreciate that libido is that very human quantity which moves one body to gravitate to another... to attach itself to another... to have a person feel a need to be a part of another. It is what has the infant attach itself to its mother, the husband to his wife, friends to friends, the boy to his dog and the little girl to her dolls. Libido is what generates human warmth, empathy and everything which delivers the need for an organic attachment and sense of belonging to another. Libido is also the energy factor in the sex drive.

The total absence of libidinal energies as seen so clearly in these photographs describes a man who is without a trace of human warmth and for whom human attachments are entirely a function of cerebral formulas and conscious mental designs. Within himself he would experience no need for organic attachments to others. It would be an experience totally foreign to him. He would also be without an understanding of such attachments when seen in others. Emotional coldness would prevail which would manifest among other areas of his life as sexual frigidity and a capacity for cruelty.

He would be very aware of this deficiency in his emotional constitution and would hide it behind outward, often exaggerated (and well publicised) demonstrations of warmth... of interest in the wellbeing of others... of caring for the needs others. All of these seemingly emotional expressions, however, would originate not from the heart but from a dry, calculating mind.

Photograph 3:
Here we come upon the very pronounced angular setting of the tip (or nail) phalange of the index finger. Next to it the middle finger shows a prominent bending, or curvature, giving its entire length a mild "C" shape.

When the tip phalange of the index finger is bent in this way it exposes a history where the early life of this person would have been marked by emotionally debilitating criticism and endless and unforgiving admonishings. Judging from the severity of the angle it would be entirely correct to say that Ahmadinejad's mental, emotional and even nervous systems were crushed under the weight of negative judgements of himself originating with the dominant images in his early life. In his later years he would be overtaken by feelings of intense anger and rage with an inclination to give expression to same. This may be seen as a defence against the deep sense of shame, guilt and gross insufficiency that would otherwise overtake his mental state.

The curvature of the middle finger underlines a flawed consolidation of the factors that contribute to a coherent sense of self. It may be said of a person with this construction that he feels alienated and estranged from his self... a virtual stranger to himself. As with the angular insertion of the nail phalange of the index finger, this construction also extends more often than not from stressful and painfully uncertain early parental experiences. Conforming to the reflection of himself as perceived in the eyes of the dominant images in his early life he cannot like or even feel comfortable with who he really is. However, this only serves to add additional fuel to the anger-rage temper that would have overtaken him. We would expect that the target for this patently aggressive disposition would be bodies commanding authority and demonstrating strength. It would appear that for Ahmadinejad the United States and Israel offer the most convenient if not the perfect targets for the anger and rage that cannot access those who had inspired it - namely his mother and father.

Photographs 4, 5 and 6:
In these photographs we focus on the sharp curvature of the little finger. This identifies the factor of fragmentation - a decidedly neurotic and troublesome construction in personality, which, when extreme and linked to the other features that describe the hands of Ahmadinejad, can have him sacrifice himself for others yet at the same time commit the most atrocious and unpardonable crimes. He would be utterly without conscience - hence the psychotic nature of this man.

This dichotomy which may have a Mother Theresa share common ground with the likes of Caligula is not unknown. The very popular television series The Sopranos serves as a perfect representation of such personalities. With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, however, the severity of the fragmentation promises a level of criminality that considerably outdistances even the worst of the characters in this serial.

Psycho-Social Dwarfism:
Psycho-Social Dwarfism is a condition where growth in infants and children is arrested as a result of an environment which does not include the experience of a physical attachment or bonding to the mother. Much of our understanding of this phenomenon originates with studies undertaken at Duke and Stanford Universities in the United States. The Documentary The Reactive Brain made at Stanford's medical school explains the etiology at length.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's height is given at only five feet two inches which is decidedly short. It may even be shorter. Given the absence of any genuine libidinal resources (Primary Rejection) and no experience of containment in his early developmental years, we would also have the condition of Psycho-Social Dwarfism as aggravating even more his troubling and altogether paranoid perspective of himself in the world he lives in.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a man obsessively concerned with the sense of his inherent inferiority. He suffers a complete absence of a libidinal humaneness which leaves him without the capacity to respond to - let alone demonstrate - love and compassion for others. He compensates for his monumental insufficiencies here by embracing fundamentalist religion and projecting an image of one whose decisions and behavior originate with his total devotion to the highest authority. But everything he does extends from entirely mental designs and cerebral formulas and his commitment to religion serves as the perfect vehicle to effect his true agenda.

Nothing will deliver as much satisfaction and be as significant to him as effecting the devastation of the entire world. Let no one err on this matter. It is not the stuff of comic book fantasy. Ahmadinejad is paranoid and a through and through psychotic who has mastered the formulas that has him project an image of one who is sane, balanced and responsible. If he has access to the buttons her will push them without a moments hesitation. While it is true that at a barely subconscious dimension he despises himself and identifies with the termination of his (inferior) being, he would not wish for this to happen before he brings about the termination of every other being. His hatred of himself and, indeed, of all life, is virtually absolute.

Photographs 2,3,4,5 and 6 originate with MEHR news agency who hold the rights to these photos. All the photos are offered free to the public.