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The right thumb impression of Malcolm X (1925-1965) is a radial loop, (the ridges enter and exit in the direction of the radius bone) which is horizontal. I have never encountered a horizontal radial loop on the right thumb before. Fingerprint studies on the frequency of patterns report radial loops to exist on the right thumb at frequencies not higher than one percent. The left index fingerprint is also a horizontal radial loop.

The right ring finger of Malcolm is a central pocket loop whorl pattern. The frequency for this pattern to appear on the right ring finger is less than .250 percent. This pattern is the only whorl pattern in the ten set of fingerprints displayed.

Under the original rules for classifying fingerprints according to the Henry System of Fingerprint Classification and Filing, we would conclude that there are three plain arch patterns, the right index, right middle and the left thumb. However, under revised rules for classification, the right middle finger is classified as a tented arch pattern (technical). A technical tented arch pattern is a pattern that has two of the three requirements necessary to be considered a loop pattern. This pattern (#3) has a delta and a core but does not display a recurving ridge in front of the delta. I have not seen a study to include the frequency of technical tented arches on the right middle finger. In reference to the classic tented arch, it's frequency on the right middle finger has not been higher than 3 percent.

The breakdown on the combination of fingerprint patterns for Malcolm X would be the following:

Four Ulnar Loop patterns (# 5,8,9 and 10)
Two Plain Arch patterns (# 2 and 6)
One Tented Arch Pattern (# 3)
Two Radial Loop patterns (# 1 and 7)
One Central Pocket Loop Type Whorl pattern (# 4)

An extraordinary configuration of the dermal ridge arrangements and the variance of pattern display indicates an elevated mental manifestation.

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The fingerprints of Malcolm X